The MTA run a DEFRA approved microchip training course for people wishing to learn how to safely and correctly implant microchips into companion animals. ( Including dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets). The course is designed for individuals or groups of learners and usually takes between 4-5 hours depending on numbers attending. MTA courses are run by trainer/assessors with over 30 years experience working and training within the industry, nationwide with the UK, and also into Europe, Asia and the USA.

What is covered in the training ?
The Course, assessment and supporting literature cover all aspects of microchip history, technology, development, equipment, implant techniques and legislative requirements including health & safety and handling following etc National Occupational Standards NOS ! Microchipping is a straight forward procedure but needed to be performed with careened accuracy to ensure the health and wellbeing of the animal in question and the stability and safe implant of the microchip.

Where are courses held?
Course are held all over the UK in individuals homes, rescue shelters, vet practices and working kennels or similar locations. After a sit down theory session usually indoors, learners are taken through practical training before completing a practical assessment to confirm learners competency in all aspects involved in implanting. Following the practical assessment all learners are required to complete a series of written assessment questions to reinforce their competency and knowledge.

Can anyone train to implant companion animals ?
Candidates must, with reasonable adjustments, be able to undertake the full range of competencies required to achieve this qualification- to lift/hold/restrain the animals they are implanting and complete both the practical and written tasks required in the assessments. There are no formal age restrictions however many insurance organisations do not cover individuals under 18 years of age.

Does everyone pass the course?
To ensure complete transparency, integrity and verification that the National Occupational Standards (NOS) are being met by all learners - all assessments are marked by the assessor before an independent IQA verifies the competencies have been met in each and every case . Upon the successful completion of the assessments learners are issued with a certificate confirming their competency.

*** Please note the microchipping of any species other than cats and dogs, rabbits and ferrets is an Act of Veterinary Surgery 1966 and as such should ONLY be carried out by a qualified Veterinary Surgeon. The reason for this is the varying implant sites for different species some of which are more invasive than others. Veterinary Surgeons requiring information relating to microchipping any other species should contact their microchip supplier before attempting to implant any animal if they are unsure of the correct implant site for that species.

What does it cost to train to implant microchips?
Course costs vary depending on the numbers of learners attending ( usually a Maximum of 6 do to animal numbers required) and the location so for further details on cost please email or call 07977530663.

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